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Great leaders in diversity are moving beyond compliance quotas and training programs.  They are changing mindsets by changing corporate landscapes.  Great Women Portraits are playing a role.

"Are the portraits that hang in the hallways of your organization only of past male leaders? Know that this is impacting what employees or students believe possible for themselves."

- Iris Bohnet, Academic Dean at Harvard Kennedy School, author of ‘What Works.’

"Let your walls speak to the power of women's work ... these portraits reveal the real-world impact of diversity and inclusion.''

Great Women Productions' artist/founder Jo Napier

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"Women's history is half the history. We, men and women, just don't know it because we weren't taught it. That omission is a great opportunity to change mindsets," says Great Women Productions' Jo Napier, whose Great Women portraits and products help clients - banks, medical and engineering schools, investment companies and government - build a sense of shared culture.

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