The Great Women Portrait Project

Great Women of the Law Portrait 1: 


 Legal pioneer

Frances Fish 


First female law school graduate and lawyer in Nova Scotia 



Portrait sponsor,

and founding art patrons

of 'The Great Women Portrait Project', are:

MDW Law  partners

(pictured below, from left):


Angela Walker K.C.,  Tara Miller  K.C.,

 Laura Kanaan   and   Christine Doucet

(These award-winning partners at MDW Law were named among the 'Best Lawyers in Canada for 2023'!)


As art patrons and portrait sponsors of The Great Woman Portrait Project, these lawyers are helping the Halifax, Nova Scotia-based community change agents at Hope Blooms learn about Frances Fish and other Great Women who paved powerful paths - but are largely left out of the history books.
Thank you MDW Law ! - from Great Women Productions