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OPTION 1: Commissioned Portraits (Subjects of your choice)


Commissioned Portraits: Subjects of Your Choice

Every portrait you commission from Great Women Productions is a celebration of someone special. Great Women Portrait Commissions can include a variety of elements:

  • Artist Jo Napier will collaborate with you to do just that: celebrate the subject of your portrait - with clients, employees, and your community. Here's how:
  • First, Napier works with you to find the subjects who are the best 'fit' in your boardroom, your offices, your organization; or perhaps you already have your portrait subject in mind. If so, send a source image (photo) to get the ball rolling!
  • If you commission a Great Woman portrait or series, let's use International Women's Day, and Women's History Month - or a company occasion - to share the portrait, and its story of creation. The artist can introduce your Great Woman to employees and clients and share the process of how your portrait came to be hanging on the walls of your organization.
  • Your portrait commission can include a Bookmark Design capturing your company logo along with original portrait art and biography; and
  • Community outreach and education: Artist Jo Napier can, on your company's behalf, visit with an elementary class at a school of your choice to share your company's branded Great Women Bookmarks - to introduce schoolchildren to your Great Woman/portrait subject.
  • Collect content for your company use: conversations with the artist about your commission can be videotaped, and used at later date.
  • Cost*:  $5,000*
    - $10,000*
    [Please note Option 1 portrait prices are flexible, depending on painting size, and  artist event-participation requests. 



Our New 2022 Great Women Boardroom Collection honours five 'Great Women of the Ocean, Earth and Sky'

At Great Women Productions, our goal is to uncover the missing half of history: the female half. We want to help get the faces and stories, that reflect female innovation, 'out there'. When you purchase a boardroom collection, we don't just hand it off: we help you share the stories, of your collection, of the Great Women your collection honours - share that with your workers, your clients, your community. Create your own collection, with the subjects of your choice. Or install our 2022 Boardroom Collection, now completed and available for purchase. Collection includes:

  • A SET OF COMPLETED, READY-TO-INSTALL PORTRAITS: The 2022 Great Women Boardroom Collection consists of five large-scale (30' x 40") contemporary portraits of Great Women of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).  Choose your own subjects, or invite some of our great women into your board - including Annie Jump Cannon, Elsie MacGill, Inge Lehmann and Cecilia Payne. 
  • A UNIQUE COLLABORATION: Artist Jo Napier will collaborate with you to celebrate your Great Women Portrait Collection and introduce them to clients, employees, even schoolchildren in your community.
  • A CORPORATE GIFT: The collection includes a branded Bookmark Design with company logo, capturing the original portraits and related biographies of your "Great Women of the Ocean, Earth and Sky".
  • COMMUNITY OUTREACH AND EDUCATION: Artist Jo Napier will, on your company's behalf, visit with an elementary class at a school of your choice to share your company's branded Great Women Bookmarks - and to personally introduce schoolchildren to some Great Women worth learning about.
  • VIDEO CONTENT: the artist can participate in company event (webinar, zoom session, conference) and share the story of how your collection came to be, and its larger significance and impact. 
  • Cost: $50,000* (*shipping/delivery costs not included)



To practice the 'art of inclusion':

Look at your walls.

Consider leaders, innovators and pioneers... who would you want to invite into the room?



 'Great Women Portraits can speak to your industry, your values, your employees."

- Jo Napier, Great Women Productions 

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"Women's history is half the history. We, men and women, just don't know it because we weren't taught it. That omission is a great opportunity to change mindsets," says Napier, whose 'Great Women' portraits and products help clients - banks, medical and engineering schools, investment companies and government - build a sense of shared culture.

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