The Great Women Portrait Project

Two steps = Art as a tool for change


Think about a historic great woman whose contributions to the world you'd like to honour and educate others about - (like Alice Ball, shown here) then reach out to Great Women portrait artist Jo Napier about commissioning a portrait of your female pioneer. (She most likely has been left out of the history books); and identify a youth organization whose members you'd like to learn more about contributions of Great Women of STEM (e.g a chapter of Girls Inc., a youth STEM-related organization).  Women can commission portraits collectively, as a 4-5 member group, or independently). Jo paints the portrait and produces a 'virtual portrait' (a 1-2 minute iMovie capturing Great Women of STEM and their work) which youth organization leaders can integrate into lesson plans and learning tools.

Step 2:  You hang the painting honouring a Great Woman by Oct. 11, 2023, International Day of the Girl.



The Great Women Portrait Project.  



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Project particulars & detailed backgrounder
Above: Alexander Graham Bell and wife, muse and aviation business pioneer Mabel Hubbard Bell, property of RBC National Collection, by Jo Napier (mixed media)
2-min. CBC TV piece: Jo & The Great Women Portrait Project