Portraits that reveal the 'female face' of innovation

can have a powerful impact

U.S. corporations spend $8 billion annually on diversity training. Yet a meta-review of almost a thousand studies finds a “dearth of evidence” about their efficacy. " (Wharton 'takeaway' from 'What Works: Gender Equality By Design)

Why doesn't diversity training seem to work?

The simple answer seems to be thisapparently, training doesn't 'take'. Meaning: it doesn't actually change mindsets

New behavioural science study shows that simple 'design interventions' can change mindsets. What are easy-to-implement 'design interventions'? Here's one: update the portraits on your walls and in your boardroom. 

(Related article: 'Designing A Bias-free Organization' - Harvard Business Review) 

You can tell us the Great Woman you want to honour in portrait, or choose from our roster of Great Women

Commission art that creates a legacy:

Great Women Productions turns your Great Women office portraits into 'virtual portraits' - original, creative content - that youth organization leaders and educators can use for lesson plans and learning tools.


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