Join a Constellation of Women ... Using Art to Create Change


A Constellation of Women revealing the female face of innovation 
to this generation - and the next 
This is a 5-year project that runs from March to October each year.  It launched March 8, 2023 on International Women's Day; it wraps this year on October 11, International Day of the Girl. 
Project details: HERE
The project:
* lets a diverse group of women come together, and feel the pleasure and impact of melding Legacy, Learning & Art with the power of women's collective action.
* easily ties to corporate and community events related to International Women's Day (March), Women's History Month (Oct) and International Day of the Girl (Oct) - and STEM-related days/events.
* promotes the concept of  'design interventions" and inclusive offices spaces, using portrait art as a new kind of diversity, equality and inclusion(DEI) tool.


Great Women Portrait Project booklet 


Mothers of Science portrait collection:Great Women of the Ocean, Earth & Sky booklet
 (7-Portrait Collection now available for purchase -contact artist directly)
Project Details