Meet the Great Women of STEM

“These portraits celebrate significant contributions of women to science. They offer us the human face of brilliant, thoughtful and caring women, inspire us with their accomplishments and provide us the means to identify with them and their work. By sharing her vision and talents, Jo Napier celebrates the extraordinary contributions of these scientists to their communities and the world. As we honor them, we must stand tall and recognize the work of our contemporaries. We must also ensure that generations to follow will continue to remember these strong pioneers while moving forward themselves to discover the new knowledge that will contribute to solving tomorrow’s global challenges. And we must hope that in the future artists will follow Jo Napier’s fine example!”


-       Roseann O’Reilly Runte, President and CEO, Canada Foundation for Innovation

Jo Napier

Jo Napier with her 2018 collection: 'Women of the Ocean, Earth & Sky’

Advancing Awareness of Women's STEM Accomplishments ... Through Art

Artist/Author/Producer Jo Napier creates portrait collections of ‘Great Women of STEM’ to inspire girls and young women.