Great Women Portrait Print: Mabel Hubbard Bell

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Giclee Print 16x20 gallery-size canvas

First woman to run an aviation company, and the first financier of the aviation industry in North America

Worth Noting:

Community leader, social reformer, advocate for the deaf, MABEL GARDINAR HUBBARD BELL was muse, wife and business partner to the brilliant inventor Alexander Graham Bell - and was the first woman in the world to run an aviation company.  While Mabel raised their family, managed their estate in Baddeck, N.S. and looked after the family’s finances, she maintained an active interest in her husband’s work.  She saw his experiments with large tetrahedral kite cells lead to research into powered flight and, when it appeared he might be losing confidence in his flight experiments, she recruited four young engineering innovators in 1917 to help her husband, and then financed the group for 18 months with $35,000 of her own money (equivalent to almost $1 million today). The Aerial Experiment Association (AEA) used that window of opportunity to build four working airplanes and make aviation history: the AEA’s Silver Dart - constructed of steel tubing, bamboo, friction tape, wire, rubberized fabric and silk balloon cloth - was the first controlled and piloted aircraft to fly in Canada.   Mabel Bell, undeterred by her deafness at the age of 5, made history too: she founded the first Montessori School in Canada (and the second in North America), and became the first financier of the aviation industry in North America.

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